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What do we do?

The World Mental Health Organization uses a practical, evidence-based holistic model to address worldwide mental health disparities. Our model incorporates social, environmental, educational, and economic factors. We work with many community partners to provide mental health and social services, creating comprehensive, evidence-based programs to support mental illness and substance abuse treatment.


​We established one one-stop center and plan to build multiple one-stop centers worldwide in areas with limited or uncertain quality mental health and social and community services. We are proud to take on the challenges of removing the barriers necessary for people to receive quality holistic mental health and social services.

​We operate out of two locations, both Southfield and Detroit, Michigan. Our Southfield office is responsible for our case management and administrative functions. On the other hand, the Detroit location is our one-stop office that offers wrap-around social, and community services, which include: mental health, education, job readiness, skilled trades, lifestyle coaching, medical care, substance use treatment, postpartum depression treatment, nutritional counseling, psychology, psychiatry, physical fitness, cultural arts, and holistic wellness.


In addition, we plan to incorporate health food markets within all of our existing and prospective one-stop locations. The markets will provide healthy food options primarily for those living in food deserts. Further, we plan to offer healthy food delivery to the elderly, disabled, and areas with food disparities.

WMHO has an all-hands-on-deck approach to mental health and is determined to offer every means possible for those with mental health disparities to achieve evidence-based total wellness.

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