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World Mental Health Organization

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What do we do?

The World Mental Health Organization (WMHO) is at the forefront of addressing the pressing global issues of health and mental health disparities. With a commitment to practical, evidence-based, and holistic strategies, we are dedicated to creating a world where everyone can access the care and support they need.


At WMHO, we understand that health and well-being encompass more than just medical care. We take a comprehensive approach that incorporates social, environmental, educational, and economic factors. By working closely with a multitude of community partners, we have developed comprehensive, evidence-based programs that not only address mental illness but also promote quality medical care, holistic wellness, and substance abuse treatment.

Our one-stop online resource center is accessible to people all over the world, bridging the gap for those in regions with limited or uncertain access to quality mental health, medical care, holistic wellness, and social and community services. We are proud to embrace the challenge of breaking down the barriers that hinder individuals from enjoying a good quality of life.

WMHO operates through multiple channels, including our home campus located on the east side of Detroit and various satellite locations established in collaboration with our strategic partners. These locations serve as hubs for a wide range of wrap-around social and community services, including mental health support, educational opportunities, job readiness training, skilled trades programs, lifestyle coaching, medical care, substance use treatment, maternal support, nutritional counseling, psychology, psychiatry, physical fitness programs, music therapy, alternative medicine, and holistic wellness services.

We believe in an all-hands-on-deck approach to health and well-being. WMHO is committed to going above and beyond to offer every possible means of comprehensive wellness and support to those in need. Our unwavering dedication to this cause drives us to constantly innovate and collaborate with partners worldwide to create a better, more inclusive world where everyone can lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Join us in our mission to make quality health and mental health care a reality for all.

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