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School-Based Services

WMHO is committed to working with schools to make sure students and young adults get treatment for mental health issues” through early identification and on-site mental health treatment.

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School-Based Mental Health


WMHO works with schools to implement school-based mental health services. We provide school-based therapists and social workers that provide access to prevention programming, early identification of mental health challenges, and treatment options. We also partner with  local community mental health organizations and agencies to develop an integrated, comprehensive program of support and services to do the following:

  • Develop evidence-based programs to provide a positive school climate and promote student skills in dealing with bullying and conflicts, solving problems, developing healthy peer relationships, engaging in activities to prevent suicide and substance use, and so on.

  • Develop early intervention services for students in need of additional support such as skill groups to deal with grief, anger, anxiety, sadness, and so on.

  • Develop treatment programs and services that address the various mental health needs of students.

  • Develop student and family supports and resources.

  • Develop a school culture in which teachers and other student support staff are trained to recognize the early warning signs of mental health issues with students.

  • Develop a referral process to ensure that all students have equal access to services and supports.

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