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🌟 Join Us in Ending America's Maternal Crisis 🌟

Dear compassionate souls,

Every birth should be a joyous occasion, a celebration of life and the promise of a future filled with love and potential. Unfortunately, in America, this promise is shattered far too often. Our mothers, sisters, and daughters are facing an alarming maternal crisis, with devastating consequences that reach beyond the birthing room.

We stand united in our commitment to ending this crisis, to create a world where no woman or infant faces preventable harm during and after childbirth. Today, we extend a heartfelt invitation to you, your family, friends, and loved ones to join our movement for change.

In hospitals across the nation, our women are suffering and losing their lives due to preventable causes. Our precious infants are entering the world with the odds stacked against them, succumbing to preventable issues during the birthing process. It is a heartbreaking reality that demands our immediate attention and collective action.

Disturbingly, racial disparities cast a dark shadow over these statistics. Black women and infants bear the brunt of this crisis, facing a disproportionate risk that is deeply rooted in racism. Black women are three to four times more likely than their white counterparts to lose their lives while bringing new life into the world. Native Americans, too, face a threefold increase in the risk of maternal mortality during childbirth.

This is a call to action. Together, we can dismantle the barriers that contribute to these heartbreaking statistics. By signing up today, you are not just adding your name to a list; you are becoming a voice for change, a beacon of hope in the fight against maternal mortality.

Join us as we advocate for better healthcare practices, for increased awareness, and for the dismantling of systemic racism that puts the lives of our mothers and infants at risk. Let us stand united in our mission to ensure that every birth is a safe and joyous occasion, free from preventable harm.

Together, we can rewrite the narrative and build a future where the miracle of birth is truly a celebration for all.

Sign up today. Be the change. Let's end America's maternal crisis.

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